Reading Response Guidelines

Guidelines for Reading Responses

1.      Please do not post summaries of your reading.  Instead, choose ONE (1) bullet from the “Possible Topics” page.  

2.      Your post needs a title.  The title should reflect your topic choice.

3.      Remember, your classmates will be able to read your post and respond to it if they want.



“What I Would Change About Walk Two Moons

I have been reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.  Even though I love the book, there are several things I would change about it . . .


3.      Reflect before you write. You might want to use a brainstorming web to help you organize your ideas as you read and before you write.

4.      Use specific examples from your book to support what you have written.  For example, do not just say “James and the Giant Peach is a fantasy book.”  Give clear and specific examples from the book to illustrate what you mean.  For example, you could write “I knew James and the Giant Peach was going to be a fantasy when I read that James’ parents got eaten by a rhinoceros in one gulp!”

5. Your final product should be at least one thoughtful, well-developed paragraph.  Remember that a fourth grade paragraph is 8-10 sentences long.  It should represent your best work.


34 Responses to Reading Response Guidelines

  1. Kent Hanlon says:

    Title: I Finally Found Poetry I Like

    Yesterday, June 18, I finished reading Hip Hop Speaks To Children: A Celebration of Poetry With A Beat by Nikki Giovanni. I’ve never liked poetry before, but I really liked this book. It included a CD with some of the poets reading and singing their poems. Some of the poems even had music! My favorites were Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang and Ladies First by Queen Latifah. It surprised me that I liked this book of poetry. I think I liked it because the music and the beat made really cool rhymes and I love music. I think most kids in my class would like this book of poetry.

    • Mr L says:

      Hi Kent,
      I too liked Alvin Ho. It definitely has a nice tone to it. The author does such a nice job of using the voice of a kid to keep the reader interested. I really liked the chicken pox part! I think you’ll like Hugo Cabret. A very different type of book but equally as interesting. The illustrations are amazing as well! Thanks for the blog. Keep it up!
      Mr. L.

    • Noah J says:

      Hi Kent, I have the same poetry book! It is great to listen and follow along.

      • Kent Hanlon says:

        Hi Noah,

        Thanks for your reply! I like to follow along and listen to the CD of poetry too. It sounds like you really liked the book about Edward Toulane. I think I might want to read that one too.

  2. mrlaurentgrade4 says:

    Hi Kent!
    Wow! I’m thrilled you liked the book of poetry you read. Often times the lyrics of songs and raps are considered poetry. I know both Rapper’s Delight and Ladies First. In fact, at one point I had memorized most of the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight when I was younger! You should look at Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan next! They are both poets too! Thanks for your great write up. Keep reading!
    Mr. Laurent

  3. Kent Hanlon says:

    Title: Plant Man

    Dear Mr.L,
    I finished another book called Goosebumps – Stay Out of The Basement, by R.L Stine. I finished it on Wednesday, June 24,2009. There are two main characters, Margaret and Casey. They have a dad that is not their real dad. He is a plant. Since there are two dads, I had trouble following which one was which so I had to really pay attention. At the end, the real dad killed the plant dad. The book was like a mystery because you didn’t know what was going to happen next. I recommend this book to JP because he likes mysteries. I’m now reading a book called Alvin Ho by Lenore Look from the RI Book Award List.

  4. mrlaurentgrade4 says:

    Hi Kent,
    I find those Goosebumps books a bit creepy! Thanks for telling me about it. I am reading a book that discusses different ways for teachers to teach kids how to read and write. It is pretty interesting although not nearly as exciting as Goosebumps! I think you’ll like Alvin Ho. It is a interesting book! Keep reading and blogging! See you soon!
    Mr. L.

  5. Kent Hanlon says:

    Title: Something That Surprised Me About The Book, Alvin Ho

    Dear Mr. L,
    I just finished Alvin Ho by Lenore Look on July 13.I really liked this book but something about it surprised me. When I read the back of the book it seemed like a big part of the story was that Alvin pretended to be a Superhero. It turned out to be a book about life and how he lived each and ever day. One of the things I liked most was that it seemed that Alvin was talking to me. For example, when Alvin had a fight with Flea he told Flea that she was a weird girl and then she gave him an upper cut. I felt that I had been hit by the upper cut. I would recommend this book to Matthew because he likes funny books and this is a very funny book. I have started Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. This book is on your Book Race! list.

  6. Mr L says:

    Hi Kent,
    I too liked Alvin Ho. It definitely has a nice tone to it. The author does such a nice job of using the voice of a kid to keep the reader interested. I really liked the chicken pox part! I think you’ll like Hugo Cabret. A very different type of book but equally as interesting. The illustrations are amazing as well! Thanks for the blog. Keep it up!
    Mr. L.

  7. Noah J says:

    An Interesting Character
    The Title of the story is “The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane”, by Kate Dicamillo. The most interesting character was Edward the rabbit. Edward was a rabbit made out of china. Edward’s arms, legs, paws, body, and nose were all smooth, solid, and very, very fragile. The most interesting part of the rabbit is that even though he can’t walk or talk out loud, he has feelings and can talk in his own head. Edward is also very smart and he is a great problem solver. Even though Edward can’t talk out loud, he is always trying to think of ways to cheer up his friends. Edward was an emotional character that made me happy and sad while I read the story

  8. mrlaurentgrade4 says:

    Nice job Noah! I really like “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.” I agree with you that there are parts that make you happy and parts that make you sad. What was your favorite part of all? Just wondering. Keep reading and blogging!
    Mr. L. 🙂

  9. Noah J says:

    My most favorite part of the story was when Edward the rabbit, was found by his original owner. This happend at the end of the story.

  10. Kent Hanlon says:

    Title: The Illustrations in Hugo Cabret Are Amazing!

  11. Kent Hanlon says:

    Sorry about that…I accidently hit submit while I was typing!!

    Title: The Illustrations in Hugo Cabret Are Amazing!

    Dear Mr. L,

    I finished the Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick on July,24th. The illustration are amazing! The illustrations really told the story. For example, when Hugo almost got hit by a train, I felt like I was with Hugo because the illustration was so real. I thought it was weird that the pictures were in black and white. I would have liked them better in color. I went on the internet with my Mom and we saw the real automoton. It was really cool! The next book I am going to read is Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

  12. Mr L says:

    I agree. They really are cool. Do they remind you of any other author/illustrator you know? They remind me of someone, but I’m not telling! At least not now! Love That Dog is AWESOME! One of my all time favorites.
    Mr. L.

  13. Olivia DePasquale says:

    The name of the book that I would recommend is, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Roderick’s Rules”, by Jeff Kinney.
    There are many reasons why I would recommend this book to other readers. The biggest reason is that the book is hilarious and really makes you laugh. It’s a great book for a boring day. The funniest part in the book for me was when Gregg was watching the dog and he brought the dog outside and the dog didn’t go to the bathroom. When Gregg brought the dog back inside, the dog went to the bathroom on the rug! Gregg had to clean that up this mess for a whole week while the dog’s owners were away. Gregg had the idea to leave the dog at the house instead of taking him out each day, he would just let the dog go to the bathroom in the house and then at the end of the owner’s vacation he would just clean it all up at once. The owners came back a day early and were mad to find a huge mess. That is what I thought was the funniest part of the book.
    Those are the reasons that I would recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid to other readers.

    Olivia D

  14. Olivia DePasquale says:

    The title of the book I just finished is: “Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things”, by Lenore Look.

    One of the many reasons why Alvin Ho is the most important character in the book is because the book is about him! If there was no Alvin Ho than it would just be random people talking and it wouldn’t even have a title. What makes Alvin Ho interesting is that he is a school aged boy who is afraid of most things. Most boys are not afraid of all the things that Alvin was afraid of. Alvin does not talk in school because he is afraid of school. He doesn’t really have many friends. He has just has one friend and it is a girl.

    If I met Alvin Ho in my classroom I would think he was a very interesting boy because he is so unusual.I really liked this book!

    Olivia D.

  15. Noah J says:

    Noah Jackson

    Why I chose this book
    The title of this last story I read is:”Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing “by Judy Blume. I chose this book because I am going to fourth grade and this title had to do with fourth grade too. I don’t really know anything about fourth grade. I was hoping to learn what it will be like to be in fourth grade. One of the things the book might tell me is what kind of work we do in fourth grade. Maybe it would tell me tips on how to solve fourth grade problems. Finally, it may tell me what the teachers are like in 4thgrade. I will be less nervous to go to my school by reading this book.

    • Kent Hanlon says:

      Hi Noah,

      Don’t be nervous! You’ll fit right in. How about we hang out together at recess?

      Your new friend,

  16. Mr L says:

    Dear Noah,
    Everyone gets nervous for the first few days of school. I promise you’ll feel right at home by the end of the first week! Rocky Hill is a really nest place and I know you’ll love 4th Grade! See you soon!
    Mr. L. 🙂

  17. Noah J says:

    Noah Jackson

    The title of the third book I read is, “Spiders”, by Nic Bishop. “Spiders” is a non-fiction book all about spiders. I want to tell you all about three interesting facts that I learned about spiders while I read this book.

    These were all new facts to me! The first cool thing I learned that surprised me was there are more than 38,000 kinds of spiders in the world. The next new fact I learned was one spider, a goliath bird eater tarantula is as big as a piece of notebook paper and eats birds! The last new fact I learned was most spiders can’t see people, objects, animals or anything very well unless they are only a ruler length away from them!

    I think this book is a quick read and I learned a lot and I think you would too!

  18. Olivia DePasquale says:

    I just finished reading the book called: “Squirrel World”, by Johanna Hurwitz.

    I knew this book was just right for me because when I read the book, I could read most of the words. There were a few words I did have to look up in the dictionary like: Lenox, Lexington, and accommodate. Another reason I know this book was just right for me was that I understood most of what happened in the story. Another reason is because this book kept my interest the whole time I was reading. I was able to finish the book in two nights.

    I would recommend this book to everyone in the third or fourth grade. I really liked this book!

    Olivia D.

  19. Olivia DePasquale says:

    The fourth book I am blogging about is:, “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”, by Kate DiCamillo.

    I chose this book for two reasons. The first reason I chose the book was because it was written by the same author that wrote “The Tale of Despereaux”. I loved that book so I knew The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane would be an awesome book too. The next reason is because I read the description on the back of the book and it was so interesting that it made me want to read the entire book.Once I started reading the description I couldn’t stop. I was right about the author writing another fantastic book!

    I hope that everybody who loves adventures will read this book.

    Olivia D.

    • Mr L says:

      I really liked the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulan more than Despereaux, but my daughter Sara disagrees with me. She is in love with Despereaux. Either way, they are both wonderful stories. Did you know they are considered fables? Do you know what a fable is? Keep on reading! See you soon.
      Mr. L.

  20. Olivia DePasquale says:

    The fifth book I am blogging about is called, “The New Kid on the Block Book of Poetry”, by Jack Pretutsky.

    There are three reasons why the illustrations added meaning to me while I was reading the book. The first reason is that sometimes I do not know what the author is talking about so I just look at the pictures to get a clue. The second reason why the pictures added more meaning was that they gave me a little inside peek of each poem before I read them.For example, one of the poems had many pictures with it and one was an elephant jumping on a trampoline in a ballerina skirt! This made me think the poem was going to be silly. It made me laugh. The last reason is that the illustrations added details and descriptions to the poems because sometimes poems can be confusing to me!

    I thought this book was creepy but also a fantastic book of poetry. I would also recommend this book to other readers that are in the third and fourth grade and anyone who likes funny, creepy, and good poetry.

    • Mr L says:

      Great write-up Olivia! I especially liked what you wrote about how illustrations can help give you a little “peek” into the poem before you actually read it. That is called previewing/predicting, and it is a fantastic reading strategy! Good work Olivia. See you soon.
      Mr. L.

  21. Olivia DePasquale says:

    The sixth book I am blogging about is called, “Sea Creatures”, by Jane P.Resnick and Anton Ericson. There are many things that I found interesting and surprising while I was reading this book.

    The first surprise I learned was that some fish can breathe out of the water, like a frog faced mud skipper. Another thing that I found interesting was that some sharks have to keep swimming or they’ll die. If they stop they will sink to the bottom because they don’t have the same parts that fish have that help the fish float alone. The most surprising fact was there are seventeen species of penguins and no two are the same.

    This would be a great book to read if you are doing a report or science project on the ocean.

    I like this book because I am very interested in the ocean. You shold read it to!

    Olivia D

  22. Noah J says:

    Noah Jackson

    Chasing Lincoln’s Killer
    By James L. Swanson

    This was the fith book I read this summer. The author built a lot of suspense for me while I was reading the book. I felt like I was right there with John Wilkes Booth experiencing all he went through as an assassin. The author did this by using lots of specific details and specific words to describe what John Wilkes booth was doing. The author’s vocabulary was really good and made me make a picture in my mind of what was going on. The author organized his story in a step by step fashion. This made the book keep me on the edge of my seat wanting to see what happens next.
    I loved reading this book. I really liked this author’s style. I would recommend this book to a friend.

  23. Noah J says:

    Noah Jackson

    The name of the sixth book I read was called, “Chasing Vermeer”.
    This book was very confusing for me to read. What I really didn’t like about this book was that it was very hard for me to keep track of the plot of the story. I felt like the author was talking about too many random thoughts and ideas all at the same time. This made the story confusing for me and hard to understand. It was frustrating, for example, when I got to the end it sounded like they had not solved the mystery. Maybe they did solve the mystery and I missed it.
    I really did not like the book at all. Somebody that can remember lots of specific details would enjoy this book more than I did. I don’t think I would recommend this one to my friends.

  24. Noah J says:

    Noah Jackson
    Hip Hop Speaks To Children
    By Nikki Giovanni

    The title of my fourth book is: “Hip Hop Speaks to Children, a celebration of poetry with a beat”.
    This book has lots of detailed illustrations that have to do with each poem.
    The illustrations in each poem added extra meaning when I was reading because it helped me visualize the poem in my head.
    For example my favorite poem “Rappers Delight “by the Sugar Hill Gang” . It has a picture of three boys dancing in different ways and having fun. They are showing, just like the poem said that you can be unique in your own way and still have fun in a group.
    After reading this book I knew poetry wasn’t my favorite buy having the cd to listen along made a difference it okay.
    If you like poetry though, I would recommend this book to you.

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